Marca’s Claims Manager seamlessly connects with your medical claims billing software and provides a clean claim with the highest consistency. It is like playing with rigged dice in your favor. We do this with our patented site-mining, self-learning, artificial intelligence created Rules Engine that makes certain your claim is as clean as possible the first time through. As a result, Marca’s Claims Manager ensures the maximum payment each and every time.

Increased and Faster Reimbursement
Lower Cost
Saves Time

It does this by using Marca RDI's A.I.engine which

•Automatically enters websites to check for changes

•Automatically updates the rules engine

•Automatically applies this to claims going out

•Minimal human resources required

•Augments human resources and intelligence

Marca’s Claims Manager has been designed from the ground up to be compatible with all EHR Practice Management Systems and Billing Systems and has a unique platform incorporating industry-wide EDI/HL7 standards.